by Krista Tannahill


 We are all different
And it is plain to see
That no one looks
Like you or me

 We all have two ears
Two eyes and a nose
We all have hair
That shines and grows

But there are some things
That makes us unique
Like the color of our eyes
Or the size of our feet

 Do you have big dimples?
Or round chubby cheeks?
Do you have freckles?
Are you missing some teethÉ

Well . . . 

I have a birthmark
And it is right on my face
It won’t wash away
And it stays in its place

My birthmark doesn’t hurt
Or cause me any pain
It is my own little mark
Called a Port Wine Stain 

My Port Wine Stain
It colors my skin
It sits over my eye
And there’s a spec on my chin

 My mark is red
And it does not fade
It does not spread
Or go away

 It is not a bruise
It is not a sore
It is a KISS from God
And so much more

It makes me special
Just like you
Because you are special
In your own way too

 Isn’t it wonderful?
To be yourself
To be one of a kind
Like no one else?


Copyright 2004 Krista Tannahill